My short story, Nocnitsa, was published in The Molotov Cocktail today!

My short story Nocnitsa was published in The Molotov Cocktail in their Issue 10.1 today - April 9, 2019!

They called it a “vivid and compelling piece”!

Archived Copy

Inspiration - I don’t remember how I happened across this creature. It may have been while researching nightmares during a relentless insomnia bout. But I was struck by its physiology – an ethereal being composed of smoke and a screeching voice. It caused me to imagine a lower physical body of vapor and sounds, the opposite of a physical self. According to folklore, she could shape shift into a raven, but that sounded too generic to me. I had recently become fascinated with the Vampire Finch, a blood sucker, which seemed more fitting for the Nocnitsa. Then I began wondering what specific kind of rage would make one into such a creature. When your body and everyone else fails you. And out of all that came my story of Nocnitsa.

The Molotov Cocktail is an Portland-based electronic literary journal serving as a projectile for incendiary flash fiction of the dark and offbeat variety. We believe flash fiction should ignite on contact and engulf the page.

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My short story, The World is Inside, was published in Timeless Tales' Snow Queen Issue

My short story, The World is Inside, was published in the wonderful Timeless Tales’ Snow Queen Issue on December 20, 2016. The whole issue revolves around The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.

You can read the whole issue here –

I went futuristic for this one. I enjoy pushing myself into new genres and short stories are some of the best ways to approach a new genre.

A little bit of how / why I approached this fairy tale the way I did -- 
What captured my interest in Andersen’s original tale was how insular Gerda and Kai’s life seemed before the Snow Queen took Kai away. I wanted to exaggerate and emphasize that isolation. For my way into a new twist on an old story, I usually begin with the physical architecture, a visual scaffolding allowing me to build a new narrative. I started to imagine where they lived as two ultra modern high-rises with their communal connecting space as a suspended garden house pod. I’ve always been fascinated by pedestrian bridges and with the idea that they could be retooled as a living space. The original tale is from Gerda’s point of view, so I wrote a story where Gerda was part of the problem and Kai’s need for escape was understandable and necessary.

About Timeless Tales: 

Timeless Tales is a digital magazine exclusively publishing retellings of fairy tales and classic myths since 2013.

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My short story, Mary, was published in Niteblade ’s final issue # 33

My short story, Mary, was published in Niteblade’s final issue (# 33), a sad but awesome honor. This story is inspired by the folklore of Bloody Mary.

Direct link  –

Check out the creepy illustration by Marge Simon.

                                                “Flesh is a poor defense against violence.”

                                                “Flesh is a poor defense against violence.”

You can read the entire awesome issue, which is available for purchase in a bunch of handy-dandy formats here –

Thank you, Rhonda Parrish and Niteblade's terrific staff for your amazing curation and editing skills!

And thank you for reading!