Pushed is both a literary and poetic novel, a nonlinear and complex coming of age story with angels, a red leather booted killer that may or may not exist outside the confines of the protagonist's mind, college students and the elusive meaning of dreams as well as the damage caused by physical and emotional abuse.

My novel takes place between 1991 and 2000 as sex, relationships, sanity and madness become irrevocably intertwined and suffocating. The disconnection and continuing misconnection between friends, families, lovers and enemies are devastatingly felt by the protagonist Jules Thomas. Jules believes she has known love only once through an equally damaged artist named Damion Day.

Jules has no second skin, no ability to absorb the shocks of life. The reader meets Jules in the first chapter where she is pushed onto the subway tracks and gets run over by a train. In this novel, her friends tell her story as well as their own and what is gleaned is what is continually lost.


Currently, I'm submitting myself to the S/M like process of getting published. So cross your fingers and toes and any other extra appendages you might have for me!