Timeless Tales Magazine (August 15, 2019 - Pandora’s Box - 3rd Edition)
Rape Kits (poem)

The Molotov Cocktail (May 20, 2019 - Flash Legend Mega Issue )
The Eyes (flash fiction)
Placed No. 4 in the contest

The Molotov Cocktail (April 9, 2019 - Issue 10.1 )
Nocnitsa (flash fiction)


Ginosko Anthology #3 (forthcoming - to be published by MadHat Press)
Raw (short story)


Timeless Tales Magazine (December 20, 2016 - Issue # 7 - The Snow Queen)
The World is Inside (short story)


Timeless Tales Magazine (November 15, 2015 - Issue # 5 - Baba Yaga)
Home is where the bone is (short story)

Umbrella Factory Magazine (Issue 21 - September 15, 2015)
I should have done something, Fern, Pipe Dream, Daughter Decay & rummy (5 poems)

Niteblade (final issue # 33 - September 2015)

Uppagus (Issue 12 - June 2015)
view from the immortal turnpike (poem) 

Gingerbread House (April 2015) 
The Rusalka (poem)

Dark Matter Journal (Issue 6 - February 2015)
Red Shift (poem)

Cordite Poetry Review (Issue 49: OBSOLETE - February 2015) 
Nostalgia half-life (poem)


Poetry Is Dead (Issue Ten, "Future", November 2014 )
the proper disposal procedure (poem)

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Synchronized Chaos (November 2014 issue)
Darkened matter, Déjà vu & the second-raters (3 poems)

Angle Poetry (October 2, 2014)
Daddy Longlegs (poem)

Eunoia Review (July 15 & 16 2014)
Disclaimer and steamed milk (2 poems)

Poppy Road Review (July 13, 2014)
A Diagram (poem)

Green Hills Literary Lantern (Volume 25, July 2014)
The Audition (short story)

Blue Monday Review (May 2014)
Yellow polka-dot swimsuit (poem)

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You can also see a reading of this poem on YouTube around  the 2:45 mark

Rust + Moth (Spring 2014 issue)
moth-eaten (poem)
You can read the poem at this link:

You can also buy the issue in print if you crave the feel of something more permanent.

East Coast Literary Review (Spring 2014 issue)
Instructions (poem)
You can purchase the issue here -

UFO Gigolo (March 23, 2014)
Magnetic, seven minutes & Flattened (3 poems) 

The Camel Saloon (March 6, 2014)
You Are Here (poem)

and a photograph of a yellow bike

Salome Magazine (February 17, 2014)
Lamia (poem)

Tin House - Flash Fridays (January 3, 2014)
Leda (flash fiction)


The Shout #2 (December 2012)
in the sink of the undigested morning (poem)

2 AM Project (March 2012)
Before We Knew You Were Dead (poem)

SENTENTIA # 4 (March 2012)
This is the What She Said: The All Women Writers Issue
Dinner at Bona Fides (short story)

You can order the actual print journal here:


Umbrella Factory Magazine Issue # 8 (December 2011)
Two poems Cecilia and Barcelona

Red Fez Issue # 38 (September 2011)
Take (poem)


Ditch poetry (September 2010)
mis-seeing (poem)

Heavy Bear (February 2010)
Three poems - Self-Portrait, Gadjo and trip-wired jaw


Calliope Nerve (December 2009)
Two poems - Second Sight and Winter Lust

The Blue Jew Yorker (Issue #7, December 2009)
Summer Amnesia (Anemic Winter) (poem)

Paradigm (December 2009)
Dreamleak (poem)

Ginosko Literary Journal (Issue #9, November 2009)
One story - Raw, 2 poems - Rooms, Askew

Bolts of Silk (November 2009)
A Universe of Leaves (poem)

Clockwise Cat (Issue #15, October 2009)
Two poems - Again Again and Cyclone Cellar

Word Riot (October 2009)
Three poems - Erase-stick, As a child and Every Day is Now

Denver Syntax Issue 18 (Fall 2009)
Pennyroyal (poem)

Galleys Online Premiere Issue (October 2009)
Lulu in Chicago (Lilith) (poem)
Right now, you can download the full issue on MAKAR’s website

Writers' Bloc (Rutgers) #4 (October 2009)
Two poems – Double-Spacing Curiosity and Grays of Memory

mud luscious Issue 9 (October 2009)
Dumb-Dumb Bird (flash fiction)

The Battered Suitcase (September 2009)
Three poems - Atonal, The Rememberer and The Forgetting Curve 

Zygote in My Coffee (July and May 2009)

Two poems:
Slammed Drunk in Issue 122 on July 20, 2009.

Asphyxiated Blue in Issue #117 on May 20, 2009

The KaKofonie (July 2009)
Her political poem Mussolini’s minds appeared in their first issue.

You can download that issue here

Monkeybicycle (June 2009)
One-sentence story - Nikkita
If it’s only one sentence you surely have time to read it.

50 to 1 (June 2009)
Fifty word story - Shiny and New
sadly, this journal appears to be defunct.

Frostwriting (May 2009)
Her poem September is over was published and featured in their Postcards section. http://www.frostwriting.com/issues/article/september-is-over

Dogmatika (April 2009)
Someone was trying to bee-bee gun the cat (Short story)
AD: This short was actually part of my novel Pushed at one point.

Six Sentences (April 2009)
Children are always beautiful (flash fiction)
Sadly, this site is defunct.

Terracotta Typewriter (April 2009)
Her poem Drinking Wine was published in the very first issue.

You can download that issue here

Salome Magazine (April 2009)

Two poems:
Beatrice was published in the April 6, 2009 issue.

We Shall Drown You in the Sea was published in the April 27, 2009 issue.

Flutter Poetry Journal (April 2009)
Vivid (poem)

Mad Swirl (April and March 2009)
Six poems - Hatchet, Celluloid Angel, Elle-maid, There are questions I will never ask you, Go Away and Skulk

Gloom Cupboard Issue 84 (March 2009)
A house of dreams (poem)
Scroll down and you will see her short poem here

Hit and Run Magazine (March 2009)
Earthquake Transfer (poem collage)
Sadly this publication is now defunct. But you can see the accepted piece as a picture below. 

Earthquake transfer

Earthquake transfer