My short story, Nocnitsa, was published in The Molotov Cocktail today!

My short story Nocnitsa was published in The Molotov Cocktail in their Issue 10.1 today - April 9, 2019!

They called it a “vivid and compelling piece”!

Archived Copy

Inspiration - I don’t remember how I happened across this creature. It may have been while researching nightmares during a relentless insomnia bout. But I was struck by its physiology – an ethereal being composed of smoke and a screeching voice. It caused me to imagine a lower physical body of vapor and sounds, the opposite of a physical self. According to folklore, she could shape shift into a raven, but that sounded too generic to me. I had recently become fascinated with the Vampire Finch, a blood sucker, which seemed more fitting for the Nocnitsa. Then I began wondering what specific kind of rage would make one into such a creature. When your body and everyone else fails you. And out of all that came my story of Nocnitsa.

The Molotov Cocktail is an Portland-based electronic literary journal serving as a projectile for incendiary flash fiction of the dark and offbeat variety. We believe flash fiction should ignite on contact and engulf the page.

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My short story, Mary, was published in Niteblade ’s final issue # 33

My short story, Mary, was published in Niteblade’s final issue (# 33), a sad but awesome honor. This story is inspired by the folklore of Bloody Mary.

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Check out the creepy illustration by Marge Simon.

                                                “Flesh is a poor defense against violence.”

                                                “Flesh is a poor defense against violence.”

You can read the entire awesome issue, which is available for purchase in a bunch of handy-dandy formats here –

Thank you, Rhonda Parrish and Niteblade's terrific staff for your amazing curation and editing skills!

And thank you for reading!