My flash fiction piece, The Eyes, was published in Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Legend Mega Issue

My flash fiction piece, The Eyes, was published in Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Legend Mega Issue.

The craziest thing about this is Mark’s (my husband) piece placed in the top ten of their Flash Legend contest as well. The editors commented that --

“We also saw a Molotov first, with two people who apparently live at the same address each scoring a slot in the Top 10 (must be something in the water)."

Once we saw that scrolling down on the contest winners’ announcement page, we hoped they were talking about us.

And they were!


My story
The Eyes – No. 4

Archived Copy

Note about this story’s inspiration - I wrote it about The Deogen legend in the Sonian Forest .


Mark’s story and first published piece below
La Puerta – No. 9 (a suitable musical placement)

Archived Copy


Also, super exciting, both of our stories will be included in Molotov Cocktail’s Fifth Annual Prize Winners Anthology (details on that in late summer).

We’re looking forward to reading the entire issue.

The Molotov Cocktail is a Portland-based electronic literary journal serving as a projectile for incendiary flash fiction of the dark and offbeat variety. We believe flash fiction should ignite on contact and engulf the page.

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Umbrella Factory Magazine - Editors and Contributors issue #21

I’m incredibly honored to have been selected by the Editor in Chief of Umbrella Factory Magazine to be part of their Editors and Contributors issue #21. I was one of six contributors from issues 1-20 to be a part of this issue!

Five of my poems - I should have done something, Fern, Pipe Dream, Daughter Decay & rummy - were published in this issue on September 15, 2015.

You can read the issue at following link

A little about Umbrella Factory Magazine:
“We are a small press determined to connect well-developed readers to intelligent writers and poets through virtual means, printed journals, and books. We believe in making an honest living providing the best writers and poets a forum for their work.”

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My poem, Red Shift, was published in Dark Matter Journal

My poem, Red Shift, was published in Dark Matter Journal (Issue 6 - February 2015)

My poem is on p.8  

“The reason the siren slides is because it doesn't hit you.”

The above quote in my poem should be attributed to Astronomer John Dobson. The footnote was erroneously omitted. 

About Dark Matter Journal:

Dark Matter is a blog for speculative literature. Dark Matter refers to the unknown particles suggested by the Standard Model to explain observations of gravity which cannot be accounted for by observable matter and energy. It could also be considered a reference to the thoughts and ideas that ferment inside a human brain before they emerge through spoken or written words. The title was chosen to reflect the emphasis of the unknown in both scientific inquiry and creative writing. Modern science provides new opportunities for natural metaphor to search for and create meaning in all areas of human thought and endeavor. Dark Matter will use cosmological, evolutionary, quantum mechanical and traditional natural metaphor to elicit literary thought and infuse modern ideas into poetry and prose.